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TerMark Properties, LLC

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Belton, Texas, 76513


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TerMark Properties, LLC, believes you deserve nothing short of the best service. Our team is dedicated to serving your needs.  If you are looking for a rental home in Belton or Temple, take a look at us!!


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TerMark Properties, LLC
TerMark Properties, LLC

Outstanding Maintenance Quality

TerMark properties takes pride in the support and maintenance of our homes.  We constantly hear compliments about the quality and maintenance of our properties.  This is not an accident. 


Our maintenance manager has been with us since 2007, and lives in one of our properties.  We strive to respond to any situation within one day.  Our maintenance manager personally knows each property we have.


Our policy is to never enter your home without you being there.  Our maintenance people generally work the weekends and evenings to accommodate working tenant's schedules, and we coordinate the timing of our visits with our tenants.


It is our house, but it is your home. 


                                                                         Welcome Home !!