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TerMark Properties, LLC, believes you deserve nothing short of the best service. Our team is dedicated to serving your needs.  If you are looking for a rental home in Belton or Temple, take a look at us!!


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TerMark Properties, LLC
TerMark Properties, LLC

Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set an appointment?

After you view all of our available properties and have the addresses ready for the ones you are interested in, give us a call at 254.624.1521.  You can request to make appointments to see the ones you like.  You must view the property in person before we will accept your application.


How do I apply?

You can either print out our application from this website or you can pick one up when we meet you to show you a property.  Fill out the application completely and return it to our office with the application fee.  If you are not local to the area, contact our office and we can walk you through the long distance process.


How much is the application fee and deposit?

The application fee is $35 for a single adult or $60 for a couple.  Two people can use one application.  If there is a third adult applying, they will be required to fill out their own application and pay $25.  The application fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.   Deposits are based on the rent for each property.  Give us a call and we can provide you specifics on the home you are considering.


How long are your leases?

We generally have most of our leases for 1 year or ending around the summer time. We will not end a lease during the winter months (October – February). If you apply in one of these months, your lease will end in the month of March after a 1 year term.  We also offer 2 or 3 year leases.  We do not offer short term rentals.


Do you accept pets?  What are your pet fees?

All of our properties accept both dogs and cats.  Caged animals such as reptiles, fish, birds, etc. may not require a deposit (discuss with us for details).  A non-refundable pet fee is required.  The pet deposit fee is $300 for the first pet, and $250 for each additional pet.


Do you accept Section 8?

We do not accept Section 8 at this time.


What if I want to get a room mate?

The person who would become the roommate must fill out the application, pay the application fee, and be approved before they are allowed to move in.  If you have a roommate that is not on the lease, that is a lease violation and could result in eviction.


What if I want someone taken off of the lease?

Contact us for details to remove someone from the lease.  There is a form at our office that both parties would need to agree to and sign.  Both parties do not have to be present at the same time but both must sign it and it is not effective until approved by TerMark Properties.


What do I do if I want to move at the end of my lease?

You must give a 30 day notice in writing that begins on the 1st of the month and ends on the last business day of the month.  Your move out instructions are in your lease.


When can I expect my security deposit returned?

We mail out the security deposit settlement within 30 days of your last date occupying the property.   


How much are utilities for your properties?

Since we do not pay the utilities that the tenant is responsible to pay themselves, we do not have those figures.  You may try calling the utility companies to ask for a yearly average.


When is rent due to be paid?

Rent is always due on the 1st of the month.  There is a grace period until the 2nd.  Late fees will be assessed starting the 3rd of each month.  Details regarding this process are contained in your lease.  You may bring your payments to the office or mail it.   If the 2nd falls on a weekend or holiday, we must receive your payment on the last business day of the previous month in order to avoid late fees.